I am not worthy.

2012-02-16 01:01:39 by DJPlus

Wow, there are a ton of great artists on here. i can really tell you guys pour your heart and soul into your works, and i am very appreciative of that. Its nice to be able to come on here, have a listen, and know its a genuine. It just...feels good. I feel like ive made some decent track, none of which i deem original or noteworthy. I mean, i dont want to say my time was wasted away chucking at my keyboard, but i feel like i wasnt being true to what i like to listen to. or what i want to make. i just like making people happy with my music, and im going to find a way to do so.

Thats everyone for posting some real shit! you guys are awesome.

Take Care.


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2012-02-16 02:17:15

Just post your music and if its good you will gain popularity over time.


2012-02-17 10:28:47

true you're not worthy anything if you speak at such negative tone.
where are ur manners bro.
be a man, grab that chance and go fur it!